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 Ozzettes Backstory Part 1

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PostSubject: Ozzettes Backstory Part 1   Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:01 am

The Journey To Havenswatch
Early Years
Being born is a traumatic thing I'm sure though I don’t remember it at all. However , as a slaugh we grow like this. Around six months a slaugh child can walk, around seven months the can communicate, and around nine months they begin to hide incredibly well. By a year old training that is highly combat oriented begins as well as instructions in the arts of deception and shadow walking. Slaugh do not speak a vocal language for the power of the cave and the blood of our blood allow us to communicate telepathically. We are a fearless race, strong and proud who had, at least as far as the histories told never lost a battle. Though we did lose that day...the day the raiders came.
Life before the raiders was not an easy life by any means as we had to learn form an early age how to defend ourselves against the spiders and other dark creatures that resided in our dwelling. I was seven years old the day the raiders came.
Around the sleeping hour a putrid stench filled the air that seemed to cloud my mind. Rising I heard the screams of my kin echoing off the the stone walls throughout the cave. I grabbed my younger brother and slid him into a crack in the rock letting him know to hide, then I stealthily moved through our home towards the main chamber. The sight that greeted me was a horrid one, pieces of body parts were strewn upon the ground, as creatures I had never seen before devoured the dead and savagely ripped the living to shreds. Their numbers were overpowering even the greatest of our warriors so I began to look around for a way to help, and heard a sound through the din of battle.
I raised my eyes up to a small ledge overlooking the main chamber, and there I saw him for the first time, a twisted shell of a man. He appeared to be commanding the rotting creatures, and so I began to make my way towards him jumping from shadow to shadow, my sword sheathed, and throwing dagger in my hand. As I slid to the ledge behind him he turned so suddenly I almost didn’t have time to jump between a small alcove in the rock. He scanned the area a few times and turned back to face the destruction and I struck, jumping as high as I could I stabbed the dagger into his lower back. He grunted, and as I tried to draw my sword he slammed backwards into the wall. Pain filled my head as it cracked upon the rocks, but sword in hand I lashed out to no avail. He began to mutter something in a strange language and I once again flew backwards into the wall with more force than I had previously endured, and though I tried to stand I felt myself falling forward into black.

I awoke, chain about my neck, with about ten others of my blood. I tried to tell them we could hide in the shadows to get away, but they could not seem to hear me. My head ached and the god of night threatened to take me with him again. I forced my eyes open and looked around at the strange place we were in. directly behind us lay a foreboding cave, and in front of us a thick wood I could not see through. I wasn’t sure how far we were from home, only that anywhere would be better than here. I pulled on my reserve energy, and watching the guards head towards the perimeter of the forest I began to slip from my chain. After freeing my self I tried to get some of the others to come with me, but their glazed looks told me I'd be on my own. With that I slid quietly as I could to the woods, and after entering deep enough to not be noticed I ran. My neck ached where the chain had been and was burning dully, though not in any life threatening way. Then I heard something behind me and climbed into a tree just in time to see the twisted man below me. He growled in his language and gestured to some of the creatures he had brought with him in an angry tone. The creatures split up and began scouring the area, and I ,in my head. had to smile for I knew these fools could not find me, and with that I slid into a hole in the tree to sleep.
The next night I climbed down-the tree alert and ready for anything, or so I thought, and went forward till I came to a small stream. I drank deeply, for an instant letting my guard drop, and almost didnt hear twigs snapping to my far right. I raised my eyes and saw a man with long hair and a thick face. He yelled something I didn’t understand and charged at me. I turned to run and hit one of the twisted mans creatures with such force I fell down. It tried to grabbed me and I rolled to the left dodging the slow thing, inadvertently being snatched up by the man from across the stream. He carried me back to the cave and dropped me at the feet of the twisted man, who muttered some words quickly and I found I could not move. He then picked up and amulet and as he muttered more words over it the long haired man pulled me to my feet. The twisted man then put the amulet around my neck and said “Now I believe we can understand each other,” he smiled, “ You are not like the others, and are still able to be trained I believe.”
“I care not for you nor your beliefs you would be better to slay me now for I vow if not I will see you dead.” “No, you will not,” he said,” For you see I have your entire family at my disposal and if you want to see them again I would suggest you listen very carefully to what I'm offering you.” I tried to move but I could not will my limbs to so much as budge, and as I gave up trying and listened I knew the proposition he gave me would shape what I would become.
The deal was I would serve him and if I did well I would not only regain my family, I would also be placed in a power to rule. I had no choice and could not refuse, but I could bide my time, and once I secured my family, I could destroy him. “I am Dark Kody,” he said,” and from now on you shall be known as Ozzette, now let us begin.”
Many years passed since I first awoke in the woods surrounded by my chained kin, and living in the dwelling of the man I had learned a number of useful things. He had me taught to read, write, and above all to understand and speak without the amulet I had needed in my early years. I saw my kin from time to time though they were so changed that though they were blood of my blood they could not hear me speak in our natural way. Thick chains ran from their necks, which I learned were iron and made them powerless to defend themselves, and a gray pallor overtook their features, I feared they were fading away for they were all used to the power of the cave, and without its darklight and emanating essence I feared they would not survive long. I never saw my parents, and as the years passed I began to see less and less of the others. I did not think this strange for awhile because while they were slaves I had been training to become an assassin.
I learned tips and tricks, poisons and herbs, and had completed a multitude of assassinations of people and creatures that needed to be out of the way. Finally around the time I turned nineteen I began to question Dark Kody on exactly when my parents would be freed. He told me I only had one thing left to do, but if I could pull a masterpiece of that magnitude off I would earn my freedom and that of my kin. Quite simply all I had to do was enforce a 'plague' in a place called Havenswatch, get the current leaders out of the way, and set a fool upon the throne. I accepted and immediately set out to the kingdom through the woods, at the end of my journey I saw it for the first time, Havenswatch, a castle under the mountain, I climbed up a tree and looked over the wall at the humans, elves, dwarfs, orcs, and a few halflings milling about, and resolved myself for their deaths. How sad it was that they would end that way, but there was no help for it. I had a family, and blood comes first.
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Ozzettes Backstory Part 1
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