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 Ozzettes Introduction into the Black Dragons by Silk and Ozzette

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PostSubject: Ozzettes Introduction into the Black Dragons by Silk and Ozzette   Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:55 am

Silk was waiting leaning up against a large tree in a small clearing with some rocks scattered around and large boulders. He was thinking,” I see why she likes this place, its soothing & you can clear your head.” He was thinking exactly how long was she going to make him wait here, as he just dodged a throwing dagger that thunked into the tree!

“Aahh, you’re here!” Silk says as he walks toward Ozzette. She was standing at the opposite end of the clearing, about a good 50 ft away, blade in hand and looking very livid. “You took my soul and put me in a freaking flask!” she says, moving towards him, blade twirling in her hand as she pulls a matching blade from her back sheath.

“Actually, I paid the Fallen to resurrect your dead body and they then bound and gagged you; then they took your soul and put it into a flask. I just asked them to kidnap you, that was all”, he said nonchalantly.

“I have heard of your dealings with the Fallen”, she said, as she slowly began stalking silk in a very stealthy feline way. “Arick will handle them. You are my problem; I don’t like being used as a bargaining chip or as a pawn in your games. You will pay for what you did too me you bastard!”

Silk starts laughing out loud. “Do you really think that your raging barbar will be able to deal with all of the Fallen members when he actually gets there in what… a few weeks, months, or whenever. Ok, but as for you and me, we have business to discuss. Would you like to Talk here or do you have something else in mind?”

“I’m going to gut you like a pig, you masked dog!” she says as she comes closer with intensity in her eyes flaring.

“Well then let’s play and see what you’ve got little one”, silk says as he unleashes a barrage of daggers aimed at Ozzette. She bolts towards him, neatly blocking the daggers with her swords and side stepping as she closes in on Silk.

“Nicely done”, Silk replies, as he settles back into a defensive stance and draws his favored dagger, the, with his right hand. Quickly snapping his left, a small diamond shaped shield appears on his arm just as she comes in on him jumping through with a loud scream. swords swinging and looking for blood! Silk blocks the shots as he back pedals. Ozzette keeps on pressing the attack and begins changing the angles of her shots with very fluid & precise motions. Very nice little one I see you have honed your skills since we last met. Silk says as he slams his shield into a stab meant for his nether regions. He spins and goes for a stab in the back with his dagger as she neatly tumbles forward and sets into a crouch ready to spring at him like a cat. Ive never met you before she says but ive heard of you. Still isn’t gonna stop me from putting a knife in you! She says. I expect nothing less from a master assassin like yourself! But before you do I do have a business proposition for you. really she says as she stands up and throws another dagger at him. Silk blocks it with his shield and says still mad I see. Ok lets finish this then.

Silk calls out Slash to me! And a beautifully jeweled 6ft obsidian shaft, silver tipped spear appears in his left hand. Ozzette looks at the spear, shield and dagger combo and says only one person that I know uses that combination of weapons. Which means I really need to know what the hell is going on Cirrus!!!!???? She says as she sheaths her weapons and crosses her arms.
Well he says it complicated! As he takes off his mask; but what it really comes down to is Ive been around for a very long time seen many things & done things that r worse but its time now too make a choice of what too do with the knowledge & experience that I have. You will learn that being an assassin at the top of your game is for the young! Which I am no longer. But I have sat back way to long now watching our kind of profession go to waste and wither away. I pine for the days of old! He sighs So I’ve decided too make an assassins guild that is bigger and stronger than any that has ever been made before and I want YOU to be more than just a part of it I want you to be the left hand and one other to be the right hand. There are only a few that I trust and you are one. On a very short list! “What benefits would I gain from all the work it would take to help keep a guild like that running?” “Knowledge...”Cirrus answered without hesitation, “The power of knowledge is almost godlike. You would have spies in every kingdom, if you dont already, you would know when or if your kingdom or members of it would be attacked. Who has power in every kingdom, and all their dark secreats. By joining you would have the power to control the fate of those around you. For instance if you had a assassin in Kalladen and they knew let's say that Arick, for example, would be poisoned at his midday meal you could stop it if you chose to.” He stopped and smiled, “Knowledge also leads to money...if you know how to use it.” Ozzette thought over his proposition...then said “I will accept...” “Good said Cirrus, “I have a present for you....:”(he whistles) and out of the woods stepped a dark wolflike creature about the size of a dog. He pointed to Ozzette and said “ This is your new master obey her” Ozzette stared at the creature warily “What is that?” “Shes a warg,” Silk said, “ She can go places others cannot and can always be trusted as she will only serve you. As you bond with her over time you will begin to pick up each others thoughts, and she will become quite useful in a fight. She's a baby right now when she has grown she will stand about as big as a horse.” “Thank you,” Ozzette said, still looking at her warg as though it might try to attack her at any moment, “I'm sure we will get along fine.” She looked up, but Silk was gone. Ozzette shook her head slowly and walked away the warg at her side.
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Ozzettes Introduction into the Black Dragons by Silk and Ozzette
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