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 Description of The First Inn

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PostSubject: Description of The First Inn   Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:03 am

The First Inn is both a place and a nonplace, existing in multiple places simultaneously and nowhere at all. It can be accessed in a multitude of fasions, from opening your back door and walking into the Inn, to stumbling across it in the woods. It is a gathering place for any one who might stumble upon it. Some know how to get there, but few ever succeed. One might find on any evening any manner of being, dead races, unborn gods, forgotten heroes, restless ghosts, and the engineers of worlds as yet uncreated. Almost all the inhabitants of the Inn are lost, either by design or by chance. Many have simply stopped here trying to get to other places, while others came to the Inn intentionally for untold reasons. The central chamber of the First Inn resembles nothing so much as an ancient tavern, most of the time, with plank floors underfoot and venerable wooden beams overhead. This “common room” is a large, rectangular chamber dominated by a pair of flagstone fireplaces, one at each end. Great tables and heavy oak chairs fill the space in between, and patrons gather around these
tables in groups of twos and threes to chat. An overlook with more tables, accessible via a spiral staircase in one corner, forms from an opening in the second floor. There are no windows, either on the ground floor or the second floor. Corridors lead off from both floors of the common room into other parts of the First Inn. Rooms are always in abundance, regaurdless of the current occupency. As well as tables, drink, and food. So come weary traveler sit and drink and tell us some tales, see what you may. Try not to be scared, no one will harm you here. But remember after you leave you'll have no such protection......
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Description of The First Inn
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