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 Confrontation in Kallabakh

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: Confrontation in Kallabakh   Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:25 pm

Its cold pale day in the capital city of Kalladen when the gray horse and its rider pass through the city gates unchecked by any guards. The streets are filled with the usual traffic and commerce as the warhorse stops at the stables. The rider cloaked in black leaves the stables and heads towards the castle gates. "State your business." the guard asks as he stops the dark one from entering the castle gate. "Let him pass....you young dolt!" the man at arms barks at the guard. "He does not know M'Lord." the old guard adds. "Its quite alright Simon....I'm sure you will educate him on the subject." As the black knight walks into the castle outer gardens. Soon he makes his way into the halls and is first greeted by the King's Page, Xanyin, who appears to be headed to another day of training. " Have you found him Sir Kyrryn?" the page asks. "Is he by my side Page....then that is your answer." Kyrryn replies to the page who quietly turns and passes the Infernal one without asking another question.
Kyrryn finds his way to the King's Chambers searching for the Regent to pass on his current situation. Kyrryn opens the door and does not find Shivanni, but does find Dame Sleet. "Ah...Should have know you would be here....you must have just slithered under the door." Kyrryn calls out. "I expected you just flap your wings and perch your self on the balcony." Sleet replies back. Sleet stands with dagger in hand. "You come near me Stonewall and I will gut u like a sea eel." The caster says and she begins to take a guarded position. "O...a sea eel?" Kyrryn laughs." You cant use your magic in the King's Chamber can you now." the dark one smiles as he draws his sword. "The Monarchy is here to save you either." Kyrryn adds. "How dare you pull your blade on me!" Sleet yells out. "Only returning the kindness shown to me my dear." Kyrryn bites back.
Suddenly Kyrryn sees a flash out of the corner of his eye and hears the tearing of his cloak. The Dark one spins around and is met with the spear tip of Sir Ivar and the ready bow of Dame Larrisa."Stand down and drop your sword" Dame Larrisa commands. Kyrryn pulls a double pistol crossbow and aims at the Knights. "Like hell I will...." Shivanni runs into the room with castle guards in tow. "EVERYONE! STOP!" the Queen to be yells.
All the Knights lower there weapons, but still stand at a ready state. " What are you all doing here." Shivanni ask. The Infernal Knight speaks. "I came to tell you your husband will return soon....I enter the chambers to find that it has turned into a viper's net." and with that Kyrryn steps back onto the King's desk to brace himself. Sleet sees this but she to speaks up. "I did draw my dagger in fear that Kyrryn would attack me and he over reacted.....and well I to overreacted..Im sorry my Queen." Shivanni looks to Ivar and Larrisa for there answer. " We came to the aid of a fellow Sister and knew Sleet could not defend against Kyrryn without her magic." Larrisa spoke up.
Shivanni looks over the room and dismisses the guards. Kyrryn looks around and he walks to the Balcony. " I take my leave as well your....Majesty." The dark one looks to Sleet." Good day to you...... serpent." Kyrryn takes flight out of the tower and towards the Black Bear.
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Confrontation in Kallabakh
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