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 Plots and Subterfuge

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PostSubject: Plots and Subterfuge   Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:12 am

Danika sat in her study, and stared coldly at Daemon. “We have been trying for months now, to get a sample of that mage steel, and you still have yet to procure it. Add into that, the fact that you still have not gotten your hands on those glyphs. I am also having to deal with Marcus being kept on Ripley's island, without the court's knowledge, and he may very well have figured out by now, that I am the one who is responsible for our former queen's disappearance, if not come to the conclusion that I am one of the Mistwalkers. I do NOT have the time to deal with one of your pathetic, petty thieves failing to steal from some peasant!”

The self-stylized master thief glared out from under his hat, not at all pleased with being dressed down. His visible eye twitched momentarily, as he fought to reign in his temper before making a reply. "It was merely an extra note in the days events. The real reason why I was even in that part of town was to visit the apothecary and have him prepare the ingredients, as directed by Sirhan, and approved by yourself." He slowly reached into his doublet and withdrew a small pouch. "What is in this pouch, in the right markets, would fetch enough gold to have your entire bedchamber recast in it."

Confusion registered on her face for a split second, before once again settling into the cool facade she always wore. "I approved nothing having to do with Sirhan. I have neither seen, or heard from him in several months, and certainly have not seen any list of ingredients that he would need. I would sooner trust you in the kingdom treasury with a bag of holding and five candlemarks alone, than trust anything that mage has planned"

The corner of his lips twitched upward a degree. This should prove interesting. "Well in that case, I guess I should be delivering this Unicorn horn power to it's intended destination." With a simple flick of the wrist, the pouch had disappeared from view, though they very well both knew that it had ended up somewhere on Daemon's person. "I believe Sirhan said something about using it to locate the runes, though as you have been so kind to point out, it could be for any selfish purpose. That's probably why I prefer to keep his company, he makes no secrets that everything he does is for himself." With that last barb thrown, the thief jumped onto the back of the chair, provided the Queen with an exaggerated bow, kicked the chair forward and slipped into the shadow, teleporting away before she had the chance to have the last word.

Danika sat for a moment, her facade finally slipped. She grabbed a priceless crystal figurine, and threw it at the shadow he had disappeared in, shattering it. "You stupid, infuriating.... MALE!"
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Plots and Subterfuge
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