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 Races of Havenswatch

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PostSubject: Races of Havenswatch   Fri Sep 02, 2011 6:28 pm

Hardy -
Effect: Dwarves double the count before taking any effect from poison: Dwarves are tough and resistant to toxins.
Crafty -
As per the spell Mend and must remain immobile for a 100 count
Useable: 1/Life
Dwarves are known for their black smithing ability, knowledge of repair, and tending to arms and armor.

+1 thrown weapon regardless of class. Halflings have great hand eye coordination and as a result have taken to using thrown weapons in combat.
The player must chant "Hiding" continuously. During the chant is hidden from sight and cannot be affected by the game or move. The player must not attack or affect the game in any way and also conceal himself such as behind a bush, a tree, a structure, etc.
Uses: 1/Game
Restriction: The Scout ability to track may be used to find the hidden halfling.
Due to their small size halfling find it easy to be overlooked when they want to be.
Small Size- Cannot use weapons larger than Medium length

Bolster -
Type: Racial ability Range: Touch
Materials: Blue cloth Uses: 1/Life
Incantation: "My words shall inspire bravery in thee." x2
Effect: Grants immunity against subdual and the Orc’s Intimidate ability.
Death count is reduced by 25 percent to simulate the larger population of humans. (225 death count for normal games) (115 for half count games)

Type: Racial Ability Range: 20ft
Incantation: Uses: 1/life
"I’ll rip off yer arms,
I’ll rip off yer legs,
I’ll rip off yer head!"
Effect: Works much like shove spell but for 30 feet plus the following... causes the victim to cower from the orc in fear for a 50 count. The victim may not harm or willingly approach within 30 feet of the orc until the effects of Intimidate wear off. The victim of Intimidate may otherwise act normally.
Dispel: No Cancel: No
Limitation: Barbarians, Monks (3rd level), and Paladins are immune. The human’s Bolster ability cancels or confers immunity to Intimidate R. P. Abilities

Magic Affinity -
Each elf gets one Single use Magic Bolt per game regardless of class played.
One additional spell point to any played spell casting class played. This must be chosen and marked on the players spell list, before the battle game starts and cannot be changed after game starts.
Steel Intolerance
All Fey regardless of Seelie or Unseelie cannot abide steel; it chokes off their connection to Glamor and inspiration. While in contact with this metal they are unable to use any innate abilities and feel a great sense of dread. No fey may use steel weapons or armor in battle games, however they may purchase or make weapons or armor from alternate sources such as Crystal, or Ironwood.

Seelie Fey - Gnomes, Satyrs, Sidhe
(Fey Light)
Type: Racial ability Range: Touch
Incantation: Uses: 1/life
"I call upon the healing power of nature to heal thee,
I call upon the healing power of nature to close thy wound,
By the healing power of nature thou art healed."
Effect: The wounded limb is healed. Fey Light will end the effects of subdual, and free the victim of petrify in a 300 count after the completion of the Fey Light spell. Fey Light will free victims of a Paralyzing Pit.
Dispel: No Cancel: No

Unseelie Fey – Sidhe, Sluagh, Redcaps
Type: Racial Ability Range: 20ft
Incantation: Uses: 1/life
Identification (name or description) "By the power of the wild I befuddle thee" x3
Effect: Player must return to their base of origin before the player can do anything else. The player cannot affect the game in any way, nor may they be affected by the game.
Dispel: No Cancel: No
Limitation: Scouts, Paladins, Barbarians, and Monks (3rd level) are immune. May not be cast on self or on own teammates. Protection from Charm, Protection from Magic, Chant of Clear Thought confer immunity to this.
For their transgressions in the past the Sluagh were cursed to whisper, always. No Sluagh may speak above a whisper. (may not cast spells that are not self/touch)
Combat Abilities: Befuddle 1/life as per the spell lost
Shadow cloak 1/game (as per the Halflings Hide ability) Sluagh may opt for the Shadow Cloak ability in combat by crouching near a tree or an item that would create shade and crossing arms over chest. May neither effect or be effected by the game while "hiding"
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Races of Havenswatch
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