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 Palladine Appears

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: Palladine Appears   Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:27 pm

Nexus Valhees

As Kyrryn Turns to Face Doniban again a white light surrounds him " No, I hate this" He states calmly. As his body starts being broken down molecule by molecule his voice echoes through the halls “NO NO NOOOOOOO!! GAHHH!!" He feels himself ripped apart being pulled through the warp to a lab in a small dimensional pocket his atoms are shoved back together as quickly and violently as they were torn asunder. Kyrryn Slumps to the ground momentarily. A lesser man would have lost his lunch he thought to himself.
Kyrryn regains his senses and strength quickly and Yells "You Know I Hate that old Machine Brother you could have just opened a portal."

Palladine looks over his shoulder from his current project "Aye I could but then you would have found yourself to busy to use it." He paused "You have been ignoring my summons for days brother."

"One of your little Traitors did Attack my squire, I was busy you know!" Kyrryn Snapped.

"Doniban is NOT one of MINE, never was. Palladine growled "Besides if Sebastian can't hold his own against one heretic then He's gone far to soft." Palladine Sighed "I doubt there is any real danger from him anyway Nexus wouldn't have him messing up whatever deal YOU made to get his aid against Havens Watch Brother."

"It is not my place to make such deals Brother Palladine It is ...."

"The King is mostly just a face. I know who's really making the calls here Brother Kyrryn!" Palladine interrupts sternly.

Kyrryn looks away "Are you questioning my loyalty Brother Palladine" he staggers clutching a desk for support.

"No Kyrryn I'm Questioning your.."

Palladine’s word are cut short as Kyrryn falls unconscious slamming to the floor

"It appears you didn't fully heal before Doniban interrupted your stasis." Palladine Sighs "Let’s get you on the machine then."

Palladine puts Kyrryn on a large metal slab hanging above it are several metal arms with varying claws needles and other unappealing instruments.

"Hope you don't sleep too long friend we have much to discuss."
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Palladine Appears
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