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 The Fighting Continues

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: The Fighting Continues   Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:22 pm

Doniban Bane

Slowly advancing on the wolf priest Sebastian raised his hand and shadows began to swirl around his hand and arm. Sebastian’s black sword and shield materialized in his grasp. Charging forward Sebastian leveled his blade for the first strike. Doniban grinned. His left arm liquefied and formed into a large shield, while the other just seemed to stretch out into the form of a sword. Doniban brought his blade to match the strike from the black blade. As the two blades connected a flash of sparks erupted from the contact. the two fighters locked eyes and the fight began. Sebastian brought the blade back and forth working the sides of Doniban’s shield but could not find a gap in the defense. Sparks continued to as sword meet sword and blade bounced off shield. The pair engaged in a dance of death; working his shots with the cursed black blade up the left side of the wolfs shield Sebastian tried to draw an opening. After moments of rapid shoots the fallen champion saw his opening on the back swing of his last shot, Sebastian deftly reversed the swing and brought the blade to the left shoulder of the wolf priest. The champion grinned as he felt the blade bite into his opponents flesh. Pulling back for the next strike to cripple the wolf Sebastian saw the wound on the shoulder of the priest. It glowed a orange red and a thin line of what looked like molten lava seeped from the wound. confused and a little bothered by the site Sebastian paused. Doniban, being a seasoned fighter saw the pause and took advantage of the moment, like a coiled spring Doniban exploded forward and shield bashed the fallen warrior sending him sliding backwards. Sebastian slide back with such force the planks of wood beneath his feet gave way and snapped as he slid. Snapping his black wings open to slow his progress backwards Sebastian came to a stop and gained his balance. In the same instant, like a flash of lightning and a sound like a dagger being drug across a sheet of metal. Doniban looked to the arrow jutting from the side of his arm, and traced the shaft to its owner. Standing across the room was the fallen angel Sir Kyrryn with his damned bow pointing right at Doniban. The Iorn priest could still see the faint trail of energy in the air from the arrow.

"OUCH!!!! that really hurt". Kyrryn smiled "Thought that would get your attention." Doniban reached up his blade sliding back into a hand he pulled the arrow from his arm. As he slung the arrow to the side the blood on the arrow burned holes in the wooden floor where ever it fell. Straitening back up the Iron priest popped his neck and shook his arms out to loosen him self up. Nice Doniban replied but your going to have to try harder then that, the wounds began to knit themselves back together. The Two fallen warriors charged Doniban with a flurry of blows. The ringing of the blows came so fast and furious that it sounded as one long continuous ring of a bell. Doniban was Hard pressed the blows where just too much for him to even launch a a strike. In between the blows the sword arm quickly formed into another shield. it was the only thing Doniban could do to suppress the multitude of the attacks then it happened he stepped on a dagger and lost his footing. Sebastian was shocked to see another shield appear between his swings but he continued with his attacks. Kyrryn and Sebastian working as a single entity forced the attack gaining ground then they saw it he lost his footing Reacting like lightning Kyrryn side stepped and swept the legs of the wolf at the same time Sebastian snapped open his wings and lifted from the ground and with a double footed pipe kick sent the wolf priest sailing through the air. The wolf priest's body smashed into the back wall of the training room. the wall erupted in a could of bricks and dust and a beam of light as Doniban went through the wall and letting light in from the outside. Stepping through the cloud of dust Doniban walked back into the training room "Ok I see how its going to be" the two shields dissolved and turned to two lines with a large ball at the ends. When they became solid they hit the ground and the floor gave way to the weight of the two large spiked balls of metal. " MY TURN!!" Doniban began to spin the two weapons, as he walked forward he hit one of the support columns and reduced it to splinters.......
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The Fighting Continues
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