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 Xanyin Muses

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: Xanyin Muses   Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:19 pm

Xanyin Tetsu

Xanyin, training again, practicing again the things he was taught through the days past.

“Xanyin,” BOOMED a voice on his ear, jarring him to his core. The owner of the voice could only be his Knight.

“Sire, I feel as though I have failed you,” Xanyin peeping in his small voice, sweat beading and rolling down his dark skin.

“Do not speak Squire, for thou only need to listen,” the voice of anger subsiding into the concerned mentoring tone. “You are not weak, just untrained to your fullest. That is what I am here for. Stay true to your training and you could rise to great things.” The voice growing lower as though it was fading from existence. “Yes, my liege, I will stay true” spoke Xanyin, as though to himself.

Turning to the training dummy, Xanyin picked up his weapon went back the training Sir Stonewall had bestowed on him. Xanyin began hacking and slashing away, until he could no longer move, though still tried. The day was fading into the night. Xanyin would sleep in the training yard and resume first thing in the morn. Before sleep overtook the young Drow, the sounds of wings beating far into the sky and the clank of metallic claws were heard faintly in his ears.

In his drifting the words of his knight, The Fallen and his King echoed in his brain, mixing with the old memories and screams of torture and horror in his past. “Be aware of your surroundings Squire, it could be the end of you if you don’t,” echoed the voice of Sir Hawkemoon. “Stay true to your training and you could rise to great things,” fluttered the voice of Sir Stonewall in his ears. “I’m proud of you Xanyin,” His king’s voice rung in his brain. Sleep had finally over taken him.
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Xanyin Muses
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