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 Sir Kyrryn Intercedes

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: Sir Kyrryn Intercedes   Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:33 pm

Sir Kyrryn Stonewall

‎"ENOUGH!" A Voice shoots through the warriors as they draw their blades...."Find another reason to fight....you have been doing it for years."

"How dare you stop me in my sport!" the Blood Wolf yells out as he looks for the owner of the voice. Doniban clutches his chest and drops to his knees....."Kyrryn! Release me", the Lycan called out.

"DO NOT TOUCH MY SQUIRE AGAIN!" the dark voice screams in the ears of both Doniban and Sebastian. The scream staggered the Dark Fey causing him to drop his weapons to the ground. Both parties regain their footing and glare at one another and then the Dark One's Squire. \

"I will see you again...boy”, the wolf snarls at Xanyin. "As for you Sebastian....We will finish this soon." With that the Blood Wolf backs into the shadows and fades away. Sebastian looks into the darkness "Sooner than you may think Dog!"

Xanyin steps towards the Fallen Knight and the Fallen Knight stops the squire with the tip of his sword. "Do not say a word to me boy.....I will speak to my brother about this....go back to your training and watch yourself" Sebastian says as he walks out of the room. "There may not be a next time for you." With that Xanyin looks around the room and begins his training yet again.
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Sir Kyrryn Intercedes
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