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 Xanyin's Trials w/Doniban Bane

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: Xanyin's Trials w/Doniban Bane   Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:16 pm

by Doniban Bane

The young Xanyin was training in the practice room in the keep, running through the forms of his masters choosing. Quite gracefully for a young warrior Xanyin struck the practice dummy. Caught in the rhythmic thwack of the sword striking the dummy, Xanyin was lost in thought. The brutal and unrelenting drills of his trainers echoing in the back of his mind, as he tried to recall all his mistakes he's made during his lessons. Bound and determined to become a great warrior that they talk of in the legends, Xanyin surged forward and increased his furious assault on the dummy. The thoughts of the crowds cheering his name, the image was so grand in his mind that he thought he was hearing the clapping for real.

Xanyin snapped out of his day dream as he realized the clapping was actually coming from behind him, spinning around to see who was behind him Xanyin lost his balance and feel into the practice dummy. "Bravo.. braavoo. so much desire to be great..." remarked Doniban mockingly. "I can smell it in the air like a fine wine waiting to be consumed .....hahahaha."

"WHAT ARE you Doing here!" Xanyin yelled.

"Well isn't it obvious why I’m here young pup."

Xanyin's brow knitted together as he tried to puzzle out why he would be here. " Well you see I love to play with new toys , and well I really like to play with other peoples toys even more. Now seen as your the Fallen's newest toy I just couldn't help myself." Doniban smiled as he slowly strolled to the young warrior. "I say we start off simple and work our way up what say you."

“I’m not scared of you...if your trying to intimidate me, it’s just not going to work”, replied Xanyin as he stiffened his back and puffed his chest out.

"Haa, this will be a lot more fun then I thought." Doniban snapped his fingers and the practice sword flew from Xanyin's hand skidding across the wooden practice floor. "Lets start with daggers to get warmed up" Doniban waved his hand and a dagger from the weapon rack spun through the air to Xanyin's hands. raising his arm Doniban extended his finger. The finger seemed to twist as it became louder and formed into a long dagger to match the one Xanyin held. And with a glint of steel the two charged in to combat......

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Xanyin's Trials w/Doniban Bane
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