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 Ozzette Awakens

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: Ozzette Awakens   Sun Aug 21, 2011 12:02 am

"Mmmph," Ozzette sounds as she wakes. She sits up slowly, shaking her head. "What happened” she thinks looking slowly around her. 'I feel odd...wait a minute...' She draws a sharp breath as everything comes pouring back into her head a t once. 'Arick' She thinks as her eyes fix upon the beautiful ironwood sword he had made for her. She sighed and stood to rise as a knock sounded at the door. Moving quickly she merged into the shadows as a servant opened the door. "Ozzette" the maid said, and paused noticing the bed, "Well now that you’re up Lord Azariaz would like to have words with you in the council room in a half hour. I'll let him know you're coming." With that she closed the door and left.
"Damn," Ozzette thought, ' I'd hoped that weak dwarf wasn't real, as I didn’t feel real...as for Silk well, if he wants to put me in charge let him, for one thing he can use his influence to find Arick, and send him home....another well, I already have my contacts so that's no problem, and now all I'll have to do is take care
of one man to double them.
*** *** ***
Ozzette walked up to the council room door dreading the meeting at hand. The servant outside the door asked her her business and after she responded he opened the door, and led her inside. Azariaz was sitting in his chair behind the head of the table when she arrived. He motioned towards a wine rack to his left and offered her a bottle to pick out for a servant to serve her as he finished his paperwork. "No thank you," Ozzette replied taking a seat, and began tossing a throwing dagger from hand to hand. "Young lady you look like you're feeling much better," Azariaz said as he pushed his paperwork aside. "I'm sure you didn’t call me here just to see if I were better” she replied. "Why have you summoned me?"
"Quite to the contrary, I do wish to know of your well being. You are a member of the court, and as a member of the court your health and well being are important to me."
Ozzette gave him a blank stare. "You're very odd for a dwarf" she remarked. "I am fine, and have performed my function in this court perfectly through this ordeal. That being the case I see no need for you to worry about me. I'm very self-reliant." she fell silent frowning slightly.
Azariaz replied "Young one I have watched you since my coming to Havenswatch, and indeed you have performed your duties with the utmost competence. I only wish to let you know that if you have a need then to let me know for as your king I hope to serve you as you serve the kingdom. I also have the watch questioned to determine the whereabouts of Arick for you and for the kingdom."
"I know where Arick has gone, and intend to have him back," She said," I will see to that myself."
"Well, you are not the only one who wants to ensure his safe return young lady."
Ozzette just stared at him contemplatively.
"Perhaps with our combined efforts he may be returned to the kingdom soon. Do not think that you must do everything on your own. You have those who are attempting the same as you."
"We shall see," Ozzette said. "Is there anything else you require my presence for or am I free to go?"
"You are free to go," Azariaz said.
Ozzette took no time leaving the dwarf. There was something about him that was off. No one was that selfless. ugh...

*** *** ***
After leaving Azariaz Ozzette herself draining slowly and wishing to return to slumber from which she woke. No matter first she had to put Plan B into effect. She slowly crept out of the castle towards the Monks tower in the distance. Upon arriving she quickly scaled the wall and let herself in through a window.
Xeris was a t his easel drawing a landscape, and Ozzette could hear someone moving downstairs. 'Probably Vexx, ' She thought, ' That archer's really not good protection down there.' "Xeris," Ozzette said stepping into the room. Not so much as turning his head the monk replies, " This is an unexpected visit. Not even lunch and I'm already getting visitors." "Monk, I have use for you," Ozzette said. "When the rebels were in the woods you disappeared on me and my plan to annoy Arick. Now he's gone, and you're here. I wish you to go out and find him." "Not a problem since I unfortunately missed the war," he sated calmly. "It would have been good training."
"The war didn't seem to help your archer much," she said a bit acidly. "Were I angry I should have slain you before he even knew I was here. I feel Arick is heading to Kalladen to breach the Fallens Sanctum, as he knew they had my soul."
"Off there to breech their defenses by himself?" Xeris asked.
"He is but a barbarian, and as our relationship had been strained it seemed the logical explanation", she stated.
"So are you wanting me to follow him? Bring him back? What's your request?"
"Find him, and aid him if he is in trouble. Bring him home, quickly and safely as possible. Make sure to let him know I'm well."
"So track him down find him and bring him back. Well' if he doesn't believe them hopefully he believes me or this will be a long trip."
"He will believe you", she said. "Give him this." With that she hands him a letter with her seal on it containing a ring he had not so long ago offered her.
"Very well' I shall head out within the hour."
"Very well farewell," she said, smiling softly as a though came to her, "By the way, if you don’t bring him back, I wouldn't come home were I you." With that she teleported away.
Monk simple shook his head, walked downstairs, opened the door and told Vexx he was going on another journey. "AGAIN?!" Vexx exclaimed,"The last time you went away I nearly ate all of the goat cheese!" "Yes," said the monk," and I'm sure you learned a valuable lesson as you were all plugged up." "Plugged up?!" vexx replied," I simply refused to go." Monk simply shakes his head again and begins to pack his traveling gear
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Ozzette Awakens
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