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 Silk @ Black Bear Tavern (Black Dragons)

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: Silk @ Black Bear Tavern (Black Dragons)   Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:48 pm

“Sitting at the desk in his room at the Black Bear Tavern, Silk is looking over his paperwork when he hears a light fluttering and tapping at the window. Looking up, he walks to the window, opens it, and sees a golden fire lizard swoop into the room and circle a couple of times before settling on the desk.

“Hello, Amyrillis”, Silk says. The little lizard chirrups politely and sticks out a leg with a note attached.

“Ah”, Silk says. “A note for me?” Amyrillis’ head bobs up and down while she looks at Silk expectantly.

“Ok”, Silk says, handing her a small piece of meat from his plate. Grabbing it daintily with her mouth, she gobbles it down. Silk unties the note from her leg, and as soon as it is in his hands, she cheeps a “thank you” and blinks out.

Reading the message, Silk nods his head and says out loud, “Looks like everything is in place.” From a dark corner of the room a large, female Warg shimmers into view.

“When do we leave, Dark One?”

Silk replies, “As soon as possible. She has had at least two days to recover.”

The Warg states flatly, “You know she’ll be angry.”

“Yes, Norba, I know. That’s why we’re going to her. You know how the young ones are. Speaking of which”, Silk says, “have you decided which one will accompany us?”

“Yes I have. It will be Kiton, one of my litter. He has reached the age where he is ready to bond, just coming into his strength and acumen. Plus, he is becoming one of my fastest. Kiton and the young assassin will grow well together.”

Satisfied, Silk nods. “To Havenswatch.” He closes the window, and leaves the room and heads downstairs with Norba following, then walks to the outskirts of town towards the cliffs of Kalladen. Walking down a little known trail, the assassin whispers some words, and a black skiff wavers into view. As soon as she sees the boat, Norba bows to Silk and then blinks out of sight. Stepping into the skiff, he detaches a small globe from the chain he wears around his neck and places it into a slot on the wheel where the compass is located.
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Silk @ Black Bear Tavern (Black Dragons)
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