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 Black Dragons (Battle plans/new order)

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: Black Dragons (Battle plans/new order)   Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:09 pm

battle plans & a new order

As the sun sets over the cliffs, a lone masked figure turns and walks back into a cave mouth. The figure walks down a very long stone corridor, to a wide arena type setting; the figure steps into the middle of the circled arena. Standing around the outer circle are 12 other masked figures.

“Reports!” the first masked figure demands.

... “My lord Silk, things are not well! Our numbers have dropped drastically, our supply lines have been cut down to a trickle, and the black market has been under siege by the local authorities throughout the realm!” blurts out one of the twelve.

“What of our contracts & extortion plans?”

“All put on hold throughout the realm, my lord! We have been tracked & hunted at every turn by paladins & scouts that have seemed to know most of our movements. This has contributed to the problems we have talked about, my lord. We have not yet figured out how they seem to be aware of our movements and most of our plans”, another figure reports.

“Oh, but I have!! It seems that we have certain members throughout the realms that have been captured and made to divulge knowledge of our plans in the different kingdoms.”

“But how my lord?”

“HOW, you ask? By being weak, greedy, petty & selfish! By recruiting the dregs of society, two – bit mercenaries, drunkards, & psychopaths with no sense of the assassin’s code, no sense of excellence, no sense of precision, no sense of pride in one’s job, and definitely no sense of tactics or intimidation. By not honing these skills of our craft we have opened the door to this treachery and idiocy. There is no one to blame but ourselves for this stupidity.”

Silk lets out a high piercing whistle. From across the vast room through another opening in the wall face walks in a very scared looking man flanked by two 4 1/2 ft tall Worgs with one very large worg bringing up the rear.

“Aahh! Here we are, exactly what I was talking about. Meet Joram. He is one of our recent inductees. Unfortunately for him he is also a very bad double agent for the Sheriff of Darkwood, Spik. Yes Joram, I know that he turned you and you gave him information on our routes in an out of Kalladen and the realms.”

Joram, shaking violently, stammers out “Mmmmy Lord Silk… I – I - we were caught by Sheriff Spik. I was the only one to escape the stocks and the execution. I came here to warn you about the sheriff and his band of cronies! He’s as crooked as a witch’s nose, and as ruthless as they come. Please forgive me”

“No need for forgiveness, Joram. You were just a pawn in a bigger picture. You may leave now.”

Joram slowly slinks back to the cavern opening that they had come through, and quickly breaks into a sprint. The worgs growl as his footsteps get further and further away.

“Are we to let this traitor and informant go, my lord?” Asks one of the 12 masked figures.

“Of course not”, Silk says. “We are going to use him as much as possible. “We’re going to use him to find all that we can, and use it to our advantage like we should have been doing all along. Then we are going to slit his throat and any others that don’t measure up to the new standards that…wait, make that the OLD standards of what an Assassin’s Guild should be.”

Silk turns and walks towards the biggest of the worgs and says, “Have your best follow him and report his whereabouts and activities.”

“Yes, Dark One”, she bows, then turns and growls at the other two who acknowledge her and shimmer out.

“We are now at the beginning of a new era! Only the best will be chosen! Only true devotees to the art need apply. Get the word out to all the guilds in the realms that a new order is coming! The Black Dragons are looking to unite all the guilds throughout the realms. We shall create a power base that will be unprecedented and never before seen. We already have contacts in Havenswatch, Shadowmist, Kalladen, Ravenwood Sanctuary, Drandmyr and Bhurtok. We will have our hands in everything from espionage, intimidation, extortion, to information, trade, farming & security. Our choosing of the talent that we find in the realms and Darkwood will be paramount. But how are we to implement this plan Lord Silk? Most of our resources are depleted and we are being hunted down!! Silk just shakes his head and replies. “As every good assassin knows the best defense is a good offense. Along with trimming the fat of our organization we will now regroup and attack! Letting all of those who oppose us be put on notice! Start with the Paladins & Scouts who are the most vocal about hunting us down.

But my Lord how can we win against such a strong opposition! They dog us at every turn! Silk sighs; shakes his head and says. Again with stupidity & weakness! Silk walks over to the masked figure that was just talking. Puts his head close to the side of the his head and says. Did you and your group of do-gooders really think that it would be that easy to get close to us. I- I- I don’t know what you mean lord silk!??? He stammers! Hhhhmm! Silk steps back and says well just so you know before you die the 15 you brought with you hiding outside, are already dead. Silk lets out a short whistle and the worgs attack the figure and drag him screaming down the hallway. As I was saying folks trim the fat! His mistake was he said how can we win against such a strong opposition any true assassin knows its never about winning its about power & survival! To get what you want you must be smarter and quite frankly do what others are not willing to do!. When we start taking them out be sure to let others know. Anyone interfering with the Black Dragons will become JUST ANOTHER VICTIM!! We have been quiet for along time. Well no more! The time of the Assassin has begun, and the darkness and shadows just became a bit darker.”
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Black Dragons (Battle plans/new order)
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