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 Darktooth's Plan

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: Darktooth's Plan   Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:07 pm

Darktooth's plan (Bhurtok rp)

Greenscale stomped his way back to his master’s hut, snapping low tree branches as they brushed against his hide. The jade coat that covered the large reptile was stronger than any other scaled hide in his village. The warrior lumbered forward, pole axe held steady in one hand as it lay across his shoulders and a small bloody sack in the other
He approached the moonlit bathed clearing that he had heard the master would be. A large, shallow pond spread before him as he past the last of the trees. Within this pond a hoard of goblins stood still in water that rose well above their knees. Each goblin stood hypnotized by the sway of a jeweled half skull strung on a rope held in the hands of the master of the lizardfolk, Darktooth.

The thick ebony scales of the master reflected the moonlight just as the pond did. The master snapped his swinging talisman to a stop in his dark claws. He hissed and turned to Greenscale, “Sspeak warrior what knowledge have you for me?”

The large green reptile dropped to his knee and offered the bag he was carrying to his master. “I have returned from the beach master, I have brought you Whiteclaw as you wished.”

Darktooth’s ebony fangs showed as he snarled at the sack. He took the bag in his razor sharp claws and tore it open. Inside a single clawed fist of Whiteclaw clutched a small pouch of magical dust. “I gave that fool thiss dust,” the reptile lord pried the hand off of the pouch and let it fall to the floor. The lord of the lizardfolk gently opened the small container pinched a small amount in his talons and tossed them onto his premier warrior. Darktooth then poured the rest of the dust into the water where it quickly spread to all the goblins.

Greenscale rose to his feet and looked to the hoard of goblins before him. “What would you have me do masster?”

Darktooth patted his trusted warrior on the shoulder, “Take them the beach, and unleash this hoard upon thosse foolish rebel humanss.” The lord of the reptiles reached to the sky and roared. The goblins responded by pulling small crude blades from their sides and pointing them menacing to the moon above them.

Greenscale looked at the hoard and shrugged, “They are a strong force master, will the goblins be enough?” the warrior asked.

The sorcerer shook his head as he laughed, “No, they will fail, but they will make it easy for you to capture one of their ilk. Bring me one of them and we will find out exactly who they are and how we will defeat them.” Darktooth handed the empty bag to Greenscale. “Go warrior, the bag will protect you from the hoard, but there are only sso many goblinss, capture your prey before thesse pathetic little creaturess all die.”

Greenscale nodded and walked toward the human beach front leading with his axe. The goblins skulked through the water crude tools in hand, blindly following their large hard scaled leader to certain, glorious death
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Darktooth's Plan
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