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 Queen's Choice

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: Queen's Choice   Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:58 pm

Queen's choice (Bhurtok rp)

Termus crumpled up the battle report he had been given and threw it into the face of the young officer that had handed it to him.

The officer flinched in surprise when it stuck his face, “Sir, you asked for the battle report, I merely- ”

Termus held up a hand to cut him off, “Tie? How do you tie in a fight? More importantly, how do you tie in a... battle?”

The lieutenant bent down and reclaimed the battle report that had previously struck him and handed it back to Termus, “Well Sir if you take a look at the report you will see that-”

“I am through asking you,” Termus snapped.

The brute walked away from the officer and into the clearing that had been used as the arena for the shaman and priest. In in center of the battle area High Lord Jinken and Warlord Brett sat conversing. They nodded at Termus, but continued their conversation.

Warlord Brett wiped ash from the side of his face and looked at it amused, “That druid was more powerful than I thought I must say.”

Jinken laughed wrapping a bloody wound on his hand, “Yeah, but I can certainly see the advantages of having such a skilled healer on our side.”

The warlord eyed Termus, “Having both would be even better.”

Termus shot Warlord Brett a look of pure contempt. “Who won the battle?” he asked curtly.

Jinken wiped blood into the grass, shaking his head, “It was a draw Termus,” he said with a sigh.

The brute grunted his “Then we shouldn’t bring either, if they were unable to win the battle why send them into a battle we need won?”

The warlord laughed, “What is the problem with bringing both? They both fought well, with equally effective strategies. We also know that the lizard folk will be employing their own magic, why not bring more, stronger magic with us?”

High lord Jinken smiled, “Because Termus is superstitious, he is afraid of magic.” The high lord rolled away laughing, narrowly avoiding a kick aimed for his back. “Sad but true,” both he and the Warlord laughed.

“I am not afraid of magic,” the brute growled “I distrust magicians.”

Warlord Brett shrugged still chuckling, “Alright friend, we should put it to a vote.” He raised his hand, “I vote that we bring both the healer and the druid.”

Termus let out a disapproving grunt, “I say we avoid bringing either.”

Jinken smiled and raised his hand, “We bring both.”

Termus opened his mouth to speak, and then closed it gritting his teeth. He knew he was beaten. He furrowed his brow in thought for a second, “What about the queen?” he asked.

Jinken and Brett exchanged confused looks. “She told us to decide,” Jinken offered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll vote for the queen,” Termus smiled, “she votes neither, and her vote is the only one that really matters, so we don’t bring anyone who fights with magic.”

Warlord Brett pointed at Termus’ legs, “Are you sure that’s how she feels?”

The brute looked down at his legs; they had become completely engulfed by thin white strands of webbing. Small spiders crawled within the strands and on the legs of Termus, pausing as he looked at them.

Termus put his head down and sighed, holding up his hand, “We bring both.”
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Queen's Choice
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