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 Priest or Shaman

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Sleet Gil-shalos
Sleet Gil-shalos

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PostSubject: Priest or Shaman   Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:54 pm

Priest or Shaman (Bhurtok rp)

Termus took a deep breath, letting the warm sea breeze fill his lungs as he enjoyed the sun above his head and the sand below his boots. The warriors of Bhurtok had taken their first step back on their homeland, now they worked to build a staging ground for their attacks.

Around Termus far into the beach the first Fort was to be built, a large ca...mp that would serve as an early haven as the people of Bhurtok pushed inland reclaiming what was once theirs. Warlord Brett organized the building of this fort, ensuring the battlements and the walls would be strong and any supplies would be ready when needed.

Further ahead on the beach High lord Jinkin titan slayer (whose name Termus realized was ridiculously long) trained soldiers, drilling them over and over how to swing at an enemy to maximum effect.

“Sir? Are you listening to me at all?”

Termus’ attention turned back to the young lieutenant that had been pestering him about the maps that lay on the table in front of him.

Termus sighed, “Tell me again, why should I be?”

The young officer cleared his throat, “Well the queen put Warlord Brett in charge of getting the fort together, High Lord Jinkin Titan Slayer is in charge of training the soldiers and,” the lieutenant pushed the map back into Termus’ face, “she asked you to come up with a battle plan.”

Termus rubbed his temples; he still had a hard time believing that he was in charge of the battle plan, but the queen expected a plan and with all the information Jinken Titan Slayer and Warlord Brett had given him, he had a lot of work to do.

He looked at the map again for a moment and sighed, “I need a report on the previous two battles as soon as you can get them to me, and we also are in desperate need of more updated maps. I will lead a small force of soldiers deeper into the main land to scout. We will also search for the people who are still here and work to recruit them to return this land to its former glory.”

The young man nodded, “Very well sir. I was also told to ask how you wanted to use the abilities of the healer and the druid? They are currently having a bit of a feud over who has been of more aid to Bhurtok and the queen is asking you to end it.”

Termus froze for a minute. He had known that someone in the army would be skilled in the arts, but he hadn’t expected there to be a pair of them. Termus had a strong distrust for magic and did not plan on bringing both with him into any battle.

Termus thought for a moment, “Go get the Warlord,” he said to the lieutenant, and he walked out to where High Lord Jinkin trained the soldiers. Jinkin noticed his friend and walked away from the soldiers to greet him.

The high lord smiled and offered his hand, “What do you need Termus?” he asked.

Termus shook it, “I am not taking two magicians into the field Jinkin. Who do I bring the shaman or the priest?”

Jinkin shrugged, “First of all that is ridiculous, more power is always better.” Termus scowled at his friend until he continued, “but I have always been partial to Druids, I love magic that can turn all of our enemies to ash.”

Termus rubbed his chin and turned to the Warlord who had just arrived. The Warlord nodded at the pair, “What’s this about?” he inquired.

Termus looked to him, “Priest or shaman? We can only take one.”

The warlord looked puzzled, “What? Why not bring them both into the field?”

Termus gritted his teeth, “Pick one.” He didn’t understand why anyone was so willing to fill their ranks with mages, Termus did not believe in trusting the kind of power those people had with as little as he saw them train.

“Healer then. The true power of Bhurtok is in its skill, anyone that can keep us fighting longer will be of more use to us.”

The High Lord laughed at Brett’s answer, “But a druid will just smite any in our path,” the Jinkin argued.

The Warlord shook his head and pointed at himself with his thumb, “I will smite any in our path. I would rather have someone there to remove the nicks and bruises I might get along the way.”

Termus smiled, he had the perfect solution for this kind of situation. “Jinkin you help the druid prepare himself, Brett help the healer,” Termus explained, “let them have it out however they wish, but don’t let anyone die. We are only bringing one to fight the lizard folk I want it to be the best one.”
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Priest or Shaman
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