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 Whiteclaw (Bhurtok rp)

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Sleet Gil-shalos
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PostSubject: Whiteclaw (Bhurtok rp)   Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:51 pm

Whiteclaw (Bhurtok rp)

Whiteclaw watched as the ship burned in the distance. Crewmen from the pirate ship Undertow had jumped off and had been swimming to shore for sometime now, and Whiteclaw had been waiting as each of them arrived.

Already two souls of man had been enslaved, a few more and Whiteclaw would be ready to attack the newcomers and take from them whatever ...treasure they had grabbed from the ship.

Darktooth would be proud of Whiteclaw. For a young reptilian shaman Whiteclaw’s magic had grown strong, enslaving men had become easy. Rather than take a few home to sacrifice he had started an army of his own and would bring treasure home to Darktooth, hopefully to the promise of more power.

As Whiteclaw ground another mixture together a fourth human man washed ashore. Whiteclaw pointed to this new man and the three pirates that stood as Whiteclaw’s guard collected him and dragged him to their new master.

Whiteclaw finished his mixing and turned to face the unconscious pirate. The reptile grew impatient as the pirate stirred but did not awaken. Whiteclaw slashed the face of the pirate, snapping him out of his slumber.

The pirate struggled to move but Whiteclaw’s slaves held tight. “Lizard folk,” the man whispered. The man looked into the dead faces of his comrades, and then back to Whiteclaw, “Sir, we are not your enemy, the Bhurtokians are here to attack us all,” he pleaded.

Whiteclaw hissed as he laughed, “Human is human,” he said.

The pirate continued, “But they are an army, we meant you no harm. We are just here for profit, we can work together to stop them.”

The lizard’s scales shook as he laughed. Working with food? Aiding creatures only fit to be sacrificed or eaten? This man must be joking Whiteclaw thought.

The shaman dug a claw into the man’s check, pulling the pirates gaze to face the hungry maw of Whiteclaw. “Molgrim’s ax, where is it?”

The pirate looked at his reptilian captor bewildered, “I don’t-”

Whiteclaw pulled his face with his claw, cutting off the man’s words by forcing him to yelp in pain. The reptile wanted more than that, he needed the ax to please his master. Whiteclaw slowly drew the man close with his single claw. “Then you must guess,” he hissed.

The pirate swallowed his pain, “The captain had it, when they killed him the Bhurtokians must have claimed our treasure. If we work together, we can stop them.”

The reptile removed his claw from the man’s face and pinched a talonful of his mixture. “You will do as I command,” he hissed. Whiteclaw flattened his palm and blew the mixture into the pirate’s face. The green dust flew from the lizard’s hand into the wounds and the eyes of the struggling pirate.

After a moment’s struggle the pirate fought no more, he hung limp in the arms of his former comrades awaiting orders from his new master. Whiteclaw flashed a toothy grin, happy to see the repeated success of his spell.

The reptile motioned for his soldier’s to let go of the new recruit. The new soldier waited patiently on the word of Whiteclaw. Whiteclaw placed a sword in his hand “Go minion,” he commanded, “Go with your brothers, kill the Bhurtokians, and claim the ax of Molgrim for your master, Whiteclaw.”

The trio of soldiers readied their weapons and stalked toward their prey, the arriving rowboats of the Bhurtokian warship Demigod.
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Whiteclaw (Bhurtok rp)
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