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 Betrayal in Havenswatch

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PostSubject: Betrayal in Havenswatch   Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:00 am

Something happned in Havenswatch this last week. As it was told to the populace of havenswatch by Arick Darkfist and Ozzette the "evil tyrant" kingdom of Kalladen was unhappy with its shire and was coming to collect a very heavy tax. The good people of Havenswatch rallied and united, ellecting officials and voting them into the positions of power. Now with the new power of Highlord Arick raised the militia and lead them to defend the first outpost the said "Kalladenians" were about to sack. When the army arived Havenswatch solders noticed the Kalladen army seemed more a horde of brigands. It seemed at the end of the day the horde of kalladen indeed won the castle and havenswatch forces were forced to retreat. It was odd the "kalladen" forced seemed leaderless after the battle and simply milled about the keep unsure of any further actions. Havenswatch on the other hand has regrouped and this sunday Ozzette plans to lead forces retake the keep from the... Kalladenians?!

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Betrayal in Havenswatch
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