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PostSubject: HFS FAQ Page   Tue May 26, 2009 3:49 am

The High Fantasy Society (HFS) is a Medieval live-action role-playing game emphasizing elements of fantasy:

* We create fictional characters (persona) that we play in our weekly games and at social events. The role-playing is intended to be spontaneous, so there are no scripts.
* We wear Medieval/Fantasy costumes to enhance role-playing and to identify persona.
* We engage in safety-minded combat in the style of Medieval warfare, from one-on-one tournaments to large-scale "capture the flag" battles. Our weapons are "boffer weapons" modeled after Medieval weapons, but are foam-padded to ensure maximum safety. We also have a magic system to simulate the feel of wizardry in the spirit of fictional fantasy.
* We also recreate a Medieval lifestyle. We have our own system of nobility, and offer award and titles for various achievements. We interact with several other kingdoms spread throughout Texas. We hold courts, feasts, Arts and Sciences competitions, camping trips and group trips to various Medieval style fairs.

There are three main areas in HFS that you can play in: Arts & Sciences, Service and Fighting:

* Art and Science pertains to virtually anything. You can find people in the High Fantasy Society who participate in many different types of arts. Drawing, painting, sewing, cooking, armoring, weapon making, and leatherworking are all examples of art.
* Service, like art, is a very wide category. Basically, service is doing anything to help better the club as a whole. Some examples of this included, feastocrating (cooking at an event), autocrating (running an event), teaching a new player how to fight, making something for the kingdom's use, taking an office. These are only a few examples of service.
* Fighting, like the name depicts is participating in battle games, ditches, quests, or any other type of fighting oriented activity. No matter when you get to the field or an event, usually you can find someone that would be willing to fight.

Do I need a character to play?
Eventually, yes, you will need a character, or persona. Since the club is a live action role-playing based club, you will have the opportunity to role-play. First think of a name. You will be called by this name when you come to HFS. When you are comfortable with your name, then you can think of the information about your character.

What is a persona?
When you begin to play the game you will notice that people are not being themself. They are often acting or roleplaying. A persona is a developed character that one assumes or acts out when playing the game. The first step is to create a character, and then add backstory: Where did your character grow up? What is their job? What adventures have they had? By adding the past the persona becomes you.

Who can teach me to make Weapons/Clothes/Etc?
There are many people who are willing to teach you how to make weapons, clothing, or anything else you would like. The best person to help you meet someone who will help you to make weapons or clothing is the Regent or Arts and Sciences Coordinator of the Kingdom. He or she will then direct you to someone who would be happy to teach you.

All This is a bit confusing! Where do I start?
If this sounds like its being dumped on you too fast, thats just because we get really excited. The easiest way to get started is to come out to the Park, meet people and pick up a loner weapon and start playing with our Fighters or Sit in the "Tavern" Area and speak to a wench, a bartender, a witch, a slave (err..nevermind it won't be good if your caught talking to her without asking her Master first), or one of our other colorful characters who would be glad to help you.
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